Adi and Adi with Fin

Meet the Characters

Hi! I am Adi. I love adventures. Stories of grandpa made me more curious about sea and it’s creatures. Are the stories of Grandpa only myths or are the sea creatures really good friends?

Hi! I am Tara. A simple and shy girl. I love my family a lot. Especially my brother Adi dada, so I never denied his single word – even a sail to sea. But I shouldn’t have done that.

Namaskar! Once I was the famous boatman of the coast. Due to aging I do not go to sail into the sea but I always prefer to tell the stories of sea adventures to Adi and Tara. Sea and sea creatures are inspiration for me and I want to share the same to Adi and Tara.

Hello! I am Fairy Mother Mermaid. I take care of all aquatic animals like my children. I have magical power. I use my magical power only to help others.

Hi! I am Bijloo.I am blessed with the power of light which I use for others to gain the justice.I light up the path who are ready to fight with injustice.

Hello, I am Inspector Dolphin. I am in charge of speed control & fish traffic. I feel strongly that that speed is essential in life, if it is accompanied with responsibility. It applies for underwater world too.

Hi! This is Caption Goldy. I am pirate and searching for sea treasures. It’s my duty to find out sea treasures and save it from thieves.

Hi! I am Lali. I am the prettiest fish and dear friend to all sea creatures. I love to make new friends and enjoy fun with them.

Hi! I am Rangeela. I am a colourful and fun loving fish. Life is colourful and we have to enjoy every colour with fun.

Ha, Ha, Ha! I am Shraapi, one of the cruelest oarfish. I use monstrous magical powers and gain anything with it. Only I am the emperor of this sea world.