We are delighted to introduce you our wing which is voice and ear of every common man. Yes we are in media too. The media technologies are intended to reach a large audience by mass communication. We thought to be voice of those who wants to speak and make aware about the truth to the society. In this age of electronic media we publish quarterly magazine 'Mitrangan' with variety of ingredients such as literature, fashion, portraits, news, philosophy entertainment, lifestyle etc. We extended this arm for social awareness. The use of appropriate media for better communication will play true voice in society. We rooted ourselves firmly without compromising the ethics of communication world; we shall always bring the facts to customer and work towards benefit of the society. The journalist, media contributors and every individual part of this campaign has been involved after judging stiff criteria, which help us to become one family with one mission and vision. Our vision is to become one of nation's proud and true voices and link our channels to every individual who wants to follow truth.