Timoy-The Tiger Boy

Timoy-The Tiger Boy

Hi I am Timoy. I have tremendous attraction towards nature and animals. I love to run fast into the deep forest and enjoy a lot to jump high and high. I become emotional in the company of sweet and innocent Meenu but whenever any danger occurs to my dear once who gave me their unconditional love and support I stand like a Tiger.

Hi! I am Meenu. Everybody says that I am innocent, wise and understanding girl. I love the people who speak truth and act accordingly. I proud to say that Timoy is one of them n who is true n best friend of mine.

Namaste! I trust that humanity is the only base of any relation. Life is very beautiful. If we face the challenges with patience new relations will emerge and that will change everything. I can say this because I have done this with Timoy.

Hi! I am Holo – the great scientist. I can do anything against nature with power of my knowledge. But this knowledge compelled me to face my own creation.

I am Remon – a Tiger. Animals also have family, relation, emotions, faith etc. and we are ready to cross any boundary to save it and I am one of them.

No matter who am I. I know one simple thing very well that humanity is the only relation. Because it can be seen in animals too.